Adie's Sympiesometer

Adies Sympiesometer. A faithful copy of Adies early Sympiesometer - the type Captain FitzRoy took with him on the famous voyage of the Beagle. Originally designed by Alexander Adie of Scotland in 1818. The special usefulness of this type of barometer was for onboard sailing ships where normal mercury barometers often broke while swinging in gimbals and the mercury moved up and down more that desired while trying to read when the ship was moving. The level of oil in the Sympiesometer moves slowly and very little when leaned over as when on board a ship. As per FitzRoy's day, they are not as accurate as mercury barometers and the temperature correction is not so good. Another example of early barometer designs that never really took off and have been collectors pieces probably since their invention. Old original ones often command a high price. Several marine mercury barometers even had a Sympiesometer attached to them in later years. Some of these still have mercury thermometers which, as they are old stock, we are allowed to still sell. The operation is as the old ones were, by sliding the moveable scale to register temperature read from the thermometer and a small dial near the base can be rotated to record the reading until next time to see any changes. Made by us when at Merton. Collection / delivery by arrangement only Measures approx: 25 1/2" x 3 1/4" £350

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