Barograph Ink

1002514 Barometer World (LP) Barograph Ink, blue. Suitable for our barograph charts. We can not guarantee this ink will work with other makes of charts than those we sell. For a fuller explanation see this link Minimum order value is £18 plus VAT - this item cannot be ordered individually. Size approx 5ml.

£ 8.95 GBP

With the increasing difficulty of being able to source suitable chart paper and compatible inks, we are now able to offer our own specially formulated barograph ink, based on an old Negretti & Zambra recipe.

After extensive tests we find this ink works well with our new specially milled (LP15) chart paper.  This ink also works with our older chart stock but we cannot guarantee compatibility with other charts that we have not sold. It tends to draw a finer line on our LP15 paper and a broader line on our dwindling stock of of older paper.

Minimum order value is £18 plus VAT - this item cannot be ordered individually   If you have sufficient charts at present and perhaps you don't require a spare nib, you may be interested in the book 'Barographs' written a few years ago by Mr Collins.  An informative book full of interest and details of how to care for and repair these fine instruments. Now in extended 2nd edition. Alternatively order 2 bottles and make up the little extra by paying towards the carriage and handling by adding product code 1009998 in the Misc section.