Hinged Chart Clip

100556 Hinged Barograph Chart Clip - Components to make to fit drums up to 100mm tall. These fine engineered parts are designed to fit many types of barographs, the hinge is oversized so it can be reduce to suit, undrilled so original screw holes can be used, the knurled turn screw at the top will need fitting once length decided upon, requires drilling and cutting etc to fit your drum, some fitting of the turn screw will be needed according to the thickness of the drum material. The turn catch is designed to rivet together with the round brass spacer taking up the thickness of the drum to allow it to turn once you have engineered it to the correct length of your drum. All in all a very good replacement if you have the engineering skills to fit together. Turn catch is 8mm from centre hole to tip, 5mm wide, Dimpled turn catch knurled edge and waisted 8mm diameter4.8mm high protruding, Hinge assembled with steel pin, 16mm wide 10mm deep from centre to edge, Clip 105mm long from centre of hinge, 8mm wide, flat on back, domed front surface except first 10mm from centre of hinge. These copy some of the best found on old barographs.

£ 85.00 GBP