Insert Aneroid Movement

A good brass finished open dial aneroid barometer with 4 fixing screws for front fitting to your own case. not for replacements on old barometers. This model has a bevel edged mineral glass front with fully exposed decorative temperature compensated aneroid movement with twin capsules. The dial is about 150mm diameter and is divided into millibar divisions, (each .5 inch marked only for indication and UK market). You will require a case with a hole 80mm diameter and the wood at least 30mm deep - more the better. the metal part protruding at the back to set in the case is approx 77mm diameter and 30 mm deep. This is a German made barometer and costs are rising constantly. Do not forget to leave a hole for adjusting the movement for altitude on back of case. Measurements: overall outsidediameter 180mm x overall thickness 40mm

£ 87.50 GBP