Old Style Barograph Bellows

1002941 Old style barograph bellows 2 1/8" to 2 1/4" approximate height plus lugs top and bottom threaded 6BA and 5mm. Height varies, diameter 1 7/8" with side nib evacuation and side soldered not flange type. painted a grey/silver colour may need colouring to suit if used for old barograph repair. Each capsule designed to unscrew although some may not, sold in sets of 8 only. As with other items no guarantee to be the correct movement for any barograph although often successful for old barograph repairs - but many types were made. Not simple to swop over on a barograph, they need calibrating and adjusting linkage/levers as needed or possible. Although old looking design they mostly work more than old ones so we find it sometimes necessary to fix a few capsules so they can not move so as to reduce the expansion for an old barograph. We drill through the centre and screw them together with very fine screw and then they can not work - tricky operation unless skilled at instrument work. Limited number available.

£ 175.00 GBP